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As a country, Kenya has faced and continue to face challenges to its security whose nature is both local and global. In order to effectively deal with these threats, the NIS is mandated by the Constitution to safeguard the security of Kenya from threats emanating from within the country and outside the country in an effort to ensure that Kenyans wherever they are in the country are able to enjoy peace and security. Some of these threats that NIS seeks to address include terrorism, organized crime, conflict and other issues of national interest.

If you have information about national security issues/challenges, please contact NIS. The information you provide will be treated with the upmost confidentiality.

Your Security and Well Being are our primary Concern

By visiting this website or contacting us, you may be subject to monitoring. Although our website is encrypted, it is possible for others to see that you have visited www.nis.go.ke. We recommend that you delete the computer’s search and/or browser history after you visit the website for your protection.

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